Low Carb Diabetic Diet

Treatment and Emotion of Diabetics

If you have non-insulin dependent diabetes (NIDDM), you should first attempt to control it with diet and exercise. Your doctor will put you on a diet and ask you to increase your activity level to see if your respond with improved blood glucose levels. If, after a month or so of the new eating and exercise regime, your blood sugar levels don't show satisfactory signs of improvement, the doctor may decide to prescribe tablets to control your diabetes. This doesn't mean you can give the diet and exercise away - they remain a vital, lifelong part of your treatment.


  1. The Aim of Diabetes Treatment

  2. Tablets for Diabetics

  3. Insulin for Diabetics

  4. Testing for Diabetics


  1. Coping with a Diabetics Emotion

  2. When Your Child Has Diabetes and Learning to Let Go

  3. Adolescence and Adult Problems

  4. Where to Get Help?

  5. The Good News

  6. Focus On The Whole You - Body, Mind and Spirit

  7. Monitor Your Stress

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