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Salads Recipe

Salads Basics

We like to share with you  variety of delectable recipes for great tossed salads, molded vegetable and main-dish salads, and salad dressings. Whatever role the salads plays in your meal, combine these salad-making basics with a little ingenuity to create a tantalizing salad.

Probably the most familiar salad is the tossed green salad. But that doesn't mean it has to be commonplace. You can introduce interesting tastes and textures by combining a variety of salad greens. Use full-flavored greens in small amounts.

A vegetable salad works as an appetizer or a side dish; a fruit salad functions as anything from a first course to a dessert. Either salad can be tossed, layered, or arranged however you please. For even more variety, combine fruits and vegetables.

Salad Entrees

Turn a side-dish salad into an entree by adding beans, soft or hard cheeses, and/or cooked seafood or poultry, hard-cooked eggs, or assorted cold cooked meats. But be there's sure adequate protein (at least 2 ounces per serving). And when you've converting a side-dish salad to a main dish, double the amounts of the salad greens, vegetables, and/or fruits.

Edible Salad "Bowls"

Pile your favorite tuna, chicken, or egg salad into a tomato cup, melon half, pineapple boat, or avocado half for a self-contained main dish. Use the outer leaf from a large head of iceburg or Boston lettuce to hold a big salad, or Bibb for individual "cups".

Cooked Vegetable Salads

You can turn almost any saucepan into a vegetable steamer with a self-adjusting stainless steel basket A light steaming  gives fresh vegetables a crisp-tender texture ideal for salads, and the vegetables retain their color.

Bring a pan of water to boiling. Be sure the water doesn't touch the basket. Put vegetables in the steamer basket. Cover and reduce the heat . Steam till vegetables are just crisp-tender. Dress the cooked vegetables with Vinaigrette Dressing or other still hot so they'll absorb more absorb. Then chill till serving time to let them marinate.

Drain the excess dressing (you can reuse it) and arrange the vegetables on a platter or toss them with torn greens.

Potato Salad Pointers

Boil potatoes in their jackets, then drain. Peel potatoes while still warm, using a fork to hold the warm potato; slice or cube the potatoes. To prevent sticking, toss lightly with a few tablespoons of oil, if desire. Cover and chill. Use in your favorite potato salad.


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