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Fish & Shellfish recipes

 Why Fish?

Add variety to your menus by including fish dishes often. Fish has a delicate and tender texture. It’s versatile and also cooks quickly.

Baking, broiling, poaching, steaming and frying are the popular ways of preparing fish. Almost any fish can be cooked by any of these methods if allowances are made for the fat content.

Fish are classified as lean (less than 5% fat) or fat fish. Lean fish include catfish, yellowperch, cod, haddock, flounder, sole, halibut, red snapper, sea and striped bass, and rockfish. To bake or broil these varieties, baste with melted butter or cook them in sauce. Fat fish include lake and rainbow trout, whitefish, herring, mackerel, pompano, salmon , and tuna. These contain enough fat added moistening unnecessary.

  1. Broiled Fish Recipe

  2. Pan Fried Fish Recipe

  3. Broiled Shrimp Recipe

  4. Steamed Clam Recipe

  5. Baked Fish With Mushroom Recipe

  6. Sole with Parmesan-Watercress Breadcrumbs Recipe

  7. Baked Haddock with Sweet Corn Mustard Sauce Recipe

  8. Poached Sea Bass with Pesto Verde Recipe

  9. Seared Tuna with Corn Relish Recipe

  10. Steamed Greek Fish Recipe

  11. Swordfish Kabobs with Sugar Snaps Recipe

  12. Baja Mahi-Mahi with Fresh Mango Chutney Recipe

  13. Salmon with Black-Eyes Peas Recipe

  14. Island-Grilled Shrimp with Peach Salsa Recipe

  15. Seafood and Artichoke Casserole Recipe

  16. Salmon Mousse Recipe

  17. Foil-Wrapped Clambake Recipes

  18. Skillet-Fried Fish Recipes

  19. Fish in a Basket Recipes

  20. Grilled Salmon Steaks Recipes

  21. Marinated Fish Kebabs Recipes

  22. Foil-Barbecued Shrimp Recipes

  23. Grilled Rock Lobster Tails Recipes

  1. Marinated Shrimp Appetizers Recipes

  2. Crab-Bacon Bites Recipes

  3. Oven-Fried Fish Recipe

  4. Easy Baked Fish Fillets Recipe

  5. Baked Fish with Mushrooms Recipe

  6. Stacked Sole Recipe

  7. Stuffed Flounder Recipe

  8. Poached Fish with Dill Sauce Recipe

  9. Trout Amandine Recipe

  10. Corn-Stuffed Fish Recipe

  11. Sherry-Sauced Halibut Recipe

  12. Baked Fish a l'Orange Recipe

  13. Lemon-Marinated Salmon Steaks Recipe

  14. Fish Florentine Recipe

  15. Boiled Lobster Recipe

  16. Fried Clams, Oyster or Scallops Recipe

  17. Lobster Newburg Recipe

  18. Crab Newburg Recipe

  19. Shrimp Newburg Recipe

  20. Tuna-Noodle Casserole Recipe

  21. Tuna a la King Recipe

  22. Skillet Dilled Salmon Patties Recipe

  23. Salmon Loaf Recipe

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