Low Carb Diabetic Diet

Exercise for Diabetics

We all know the benefits of regular, moderate exercise. By making the heart and lungs work harder, it increases your general fitness, and it makes you look and feel good. It's a great stress-reliever, too. However, exercise has special benefits for people with diabetes. It helps reduce weight important in controlling non-insulin dependent diabetes. It also boosts circulation and can combat the narrowing of blood vessels, which contributes to diabetes complications.


Lack of exercise is emerging more and more strongly as a trigger for non-insulin dependent diabetes. It's thought our sedentary lifestyle is a prime facto in the modern epidemic of this type of diabetes. Regular exercise boosts your body's response to your own insulin allowing it to work more effectively. It's not only a treatment for non-insulin dependent diabetes, it may actually prevent it developing in the first place.


With all that going for exercise, there's no sense sitting around get that body working.

  1. Which Exercise is Best for me?

  2. Exercise and NIDDM

  3. Exercise and IDDM

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