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Chicken & Turkey recipes

Birds are rising: Sales of chicken and turkey have been steadily going up for a deacde or more. One reason is cost. Another is health. Chicken and turkey are an excellent source of lowfat, high quality protein. Half a roasted chicken breast, without the skin, which is about three and a half ounces, has only about three grams of fat. Dark chicken meat, without the skin, has a little more fat, about ten grams for a roasted three-and-a-half-ounce serving, but also more iron and other minerals.


Most of the fat in poultry is inside and outside. That is, inside the cavity and in the skin. Eat the same three-and-a-half-ounce half a chicken breast with the skin, and you'll consume not three but eight grams of fat, not counting the fat that's added in cooking. To cut fat, remove the skin either before or after cooking. Inside the cavity of a whole bird, chicken or turkey, there is another treasure trove or fat. Before cooking the bird, remove the fat with your fingers or a sharp paring knife.


Without fat, though, poultry can dry out quickly. TO help, each recipe in this site employs a strategy for keeping chicken or turkey meat moist and succulent. A good marinade can work wonders.


If you can remember to marinate the bird the night before, you'll be rewarded at next night 's dinner.


Another approach is to cook the poultry meat with soup stock, potatoes, vegetables, and other ingredients.

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