Low Carb Diabetic Diet

Beancurd Recipe


100g soft beancurd

250 g whole meal flour

1 small egg, beaten

6 tbsp artificial sweetener

Sesame seeds



Put beancurd into a colander and allow to drip dry. Mash well with a fork.


Sift flour into a bowl. Add mashed beancurd, beaten egg and sugar. Knead well into a firm dough. Leave to rest for 20 -25 minutes.


Take a small portion of the dough and coat with sesame seeds. Dust with flour and pass dough through a noodle roller several times. Adjust the regulating knob with each rolling until dough is paper-thin. If necessary, dust with a little flour to prevent sticking.


Cut into 2 1/2 cm strips, then cut again into rectangular pieces. Make a slit in the centre and tuck one side in to form a ribbon.


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