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Beverages Recipe

There are as many ways to use and serve beverages as there are recipes for them. With some imagination, a beverage can be an intriguing accompanying to a meal, an appetizer, a dessert, or simply a refreshment to enjoy by itself. Explore the many varieties offered to you in our site.


Remember this rule of thumb when you are determining serving sizes for beverages. Generally an 8-ounce serving is used for a meal accompaniment, and a 4-ounce serving for a cocktail-type beverage served alone.


Several recipes that call for carbonated beverages as ingredients recommend that you slowly pout the carbonated beverage down the side of the punch bowl of glass. This will prevent any loss of carbonation when adding the beverage to the other ingredients./font>

  1. Quantity Fruit Punch

  2. Champagne Fruit Punch


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